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Sipromac vision is to become the biggest Canadian manufacturer of Vacuum Packaging and Food Processing Equipment.
Manufacture high quality equipment and offer the best service of its industry.

Sipromac was founded in the 1980s and has been recognised in the Food Packaging and Processing for manufacturing strongly built equipment that will last for decades. Sipromac distinguish itself from its competitors by offering high quality equipment at lower prices than reputable manufacturers, and having one of the lowest maintenance cost for its equipment of the industry.

For Sipromac, R&D and engineering has always been a top priority. For that reason, Sipromac has shipped its equipment over 70 countries over the years and has a massive numbers of equipment throughout North America. Sipromac has been providing different equipment such as vacuum packaging and processing machine to international Restaurant Chain and Hotels over the years. Sipromac Equipment help food processors to process and package your everyday meals that you buy from your neighborhood grocery or corner stores.

When it comes to food safety, you must think of Sipromac equipment. With more than 20 different sizes of Vacuum packaging machine, Sipromac can help a wide range of clients from a small butcher to a large processing plant. For Sipromac team, the size of your project does not matter, we are committed to offer you a suitable solution for any project.

Today, Sipromac is owned by a private holding company owning different manufacturing companies in the food industry.