We'll be at PACKEX Toronto!
Sipromac vision is to become the biggest Canadian manufacturer of Vacuum Packaging and Food Processing Equipment.
Manufacture high quality equipment and offer the best service of its industry.

Sipromac was founded in the 1980s and is recognised for manufacturing Food Packaging and Food Processing Equipment that is strongly built and will last for decades. We are the largest manufacturer of vacuum packagine equipment in North America and we distinguish ourselves by offering high quality equipment and having one of the lowest maintenance cost in the industry.

R&D and engineering are a top priority. All equipment is designed, manufactured and assembled in our state of the art facility near Montreal, Canada. We sell equipment to over 70 countries. We specialize in vacuum packaging such as vacuum chambers as well as processing equipment. 

Sipromac can help a wide range of clients from a small butcher to a large processing plant, food service provider, restaurant or institution. 

Today, Sipromac is owned by a private holding company owning different manufacturing companies in the food industry.