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Food processing

Enhance the flavour of processed food with our high-performance machines.

Sipromac has the machine to meet your food processing requirements.

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Sipromac has seven models of massagers with a large holding capacity ranging from 500 to 10 000 lb. The smooth and readily accessible surfaces can be easily cleaned in compliance with the most stringent FDA and CFIA sanitary standards.

The helicoidal paddle turns gently so as to massage such fragile products as fish or chicken without harming them. Sipromac massagers marinate food in a continuous vacuum for superior results.

Choose your model :
Made of stainless steel with high quality components such as a Busch pump, which make it highly reliable, they are designed to fit your needs.
Cost effectiveness
These tumblers and massagers are ideal for all users and constitute a worthwhile investment.
Products can be marinated in minutes, rather than our, by combining the product and the marinade in the vacuum tumbler or massager.

Basic features

  • Stainless-steel fabrication: frame, drum, control box, etc.
  • Reinforced drum wedges stainless-steel ring
  • Direct drive system on a stainless-steel shaft by the rear of the drum (no chains or no belts are used)
  • Standard back drain for easy cleaning
  • Stainless-steel helical paddle is used for perfect massaging
  • Unloading by reverse rotation with front controls
  • Continuous vacuum massaging
  • Water separator
  • Stainless steel legs (4 adjustable)
  • Water separator for pump protection
  • Easy cleaning
  • Crate
  • CSA Certification

Optional features

  • Vacuum loading
  • Back sanitation door
  • Load cells kit (stainless steel) and legs
  • Front loading door support
  • Front loading door support and discharge chute
  • Front remote controls
  • Other voltages available
  • Heated control box for microprocessor
  • Service kit for standard maintenance

All features are subject to change without notice.

How to choose the right massager

When choosing a massager, it is important you take into consideration your production capacity, budget, volume and the nature of the product (poultry, beef, cheese, deli meat, fragile foods like shrimp, etc.).

A Sipromac expert can help you choose the model that best meets your needs.

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Why use a massager?

Click on the link below to see the advantages of using a massager in the food sector.

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